Hair Transplant is Just a Permanent Way to Get the Dense Hair Back

For many, hair loss is a chronic disease while some goes through this phase for a certain period of life. People with severe hair loss go bonkers over the touted hair loss treatment Ad promotions without knowing the reasons behind their problem. Hair loss can occur due to many reasons such as aging, stress, alopecia, hormonal mal functioning or it could be a family inheritance disease. And self-medication is harmful without knowing the root cause of the problem.

Hair Transplant in Kolkata

Some types of hair fall can occur due to over stressing, although can be resolved within few days or may require minor medical attention. However, Androgenetic Alopecia is a serious threat to massive hair thinning and loss. In such case strict medication or hair transplant is permanent solution.

Follicular Unit Transplantation

It’s a surgical procedure for permanent hair restoration. This process requires transplanting hair from permanent zone to reclining hair line. Once the scalp is anesthetized, surgeon collects a strip of tissue from the donor part of hair (usually the back side). After that, the strip is dissected into many shafts using microscopic techniques. Follicular grafts are segregated and prepared to place into recipient part (the reclining hair zone).

What are the other kinds of hair fall treatment?

As previously discussed, hair loss occurs due to many reasons some of them are not permanent but a phase of period and the growth cycle will take the pace without even any medication.

However, there are wide range of medicines prescribed by physicians that can help with hair fall; although very few have been proven to be ideal for balding.

Balding is the final and the ultimate stage of hair loss and hair grafting is the only solution for that. If you’re not actually ready for the surgical treatment, you can consider non-surgical alternatives but it’s not a permanent solution.

What is the average cost of hair transplant in Kolkata?

The cost of hair transplant depends on many things. However, in Kolkata the cost of the treatment is way more affordable than the rest of the part in India. The cost differs on the amount of hair follicle to be removed, the technologies and other intricacy involved in the process. While you might get quotation of hair grafting as high as 1, 00,000 whereas in Kolkata you might get it done within 60000 only. Also remember that the price per graft is even lesser.

Now the question is if hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair fall?

Even after all these above information if this question is still moving around your mind, the answer is straight YES. Hair transplant can help you deal with your massive hair fall.

The donor area of your head is basically resistant by the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) hormone which is basically the reason behind male baldness. When hair grafting treatment is done, surgeon takes the strip out of the donor part to place recipient dominant by DHT hormone. Once inserted that part also becomes resilient and promotes dense hair growth.

The benefits you’re likely to enjoy

  • Natural Looking hair growth
  • You enjoy dense hair growth throughout your life, if maintained properly
  • Hair transplant in Kolkata is cost-effective

Always remember that your hair surgeon is your best friend who can help you achieve the desired hair growth. For more information about permananet hair loss treatment contact at-

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