Premature Hair Loss7 Prime Reasons Behind It

With the number of men suffering from premature hair loss increasing on a daily basis, their self-esteem is also getting hampered. Not only do they start suffering from inferiority complex at a tender age but its effect also gets reflected in their personal life.

Premature Hair Loss

The common mistake that men do in this critical situation is that they start looking for ways to hide their baldness under a hat, keep their hair short or make use of a hair piece. But the only way one can keep one’s hair loss in control is by taking into consideration the various reasons behind it. Listed below are few of the main reasons:

hair loss

  • Hormonal Change

Receding hairline is a common symptom of premature baldness that men tend to neglect. The hormonal change in your body during puberty, in accumulation with absence of adequate nutrition, stress, physical activity or chemicals enhances the problem.

  • Genetics

Genetics hair loss

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 men suffering from premature hair loss have it as a genetic disorder. The problem being hereditary is often hard to avoid. But the age at which the first signs of baldness show up may be earlier than the age at which his previous generation started suffering. Various other factors trigger premature hair loss, apart from genetic.

  • Medications

Though medicines are taken to enhance one’s heath, but extreme medications can have an adverse effect on your hair. Though treatments like chemotherapies cannot be avoided but use of anti-depressants should be better avoided or kept to minimal.

  • Eating Habits

eating habit and baldness

With majority of today’s generation preferring junk food, their eating habits are getting affected. Depending too much on fast food to fulfill one’s appetite not only makes one obese but may lead to baldness in the long run. Absence of necessary nutrients like vitamins, proteins or minerals makes the hair follicles unable to carry out its job.

  • Usage of Illicit Drug

Since intake of recreational drugs results in a rise of the adrenaline level, it affects the cycle of hair growth in a body. Using illegal drugs leads to malnutrition. And with absence of adequate minerals or vitamins reaching the hair follicles, the hair becomes weak and thin.

  • Smoking

smoking and baldness

Smoke contains carbon monoxide which hampers the ability of the blood to carry oxygen, which in turn leads to restrictions of the blood vessels. No doubt, they also decrease the flow of blood to the scalp and affect hair growth. According to a recent study, the carcinogenic effect that smoking causes leads to the early onset of hair loss.

  • Illness

Not only does illness make you bed-ridden but act as a precursor to health issues like thyroid disorder. This eventually leads to imbalance in the thyroid hormones of your body, affecting your hair growth. Malnutrition or digestive disorder makes young men incapable of absorbing vital nutrition; in their absence the hair growth gets hampered.

Is The Problem Acute?

If the problem is acute, consider undergoing a hair transplantation surgery. With numerous clinics offering hair transplant in Kolkata and outstation, you can take their help if in need. Compare the prices and make sure they guarantee that the surgery won’t have any adverse or side effect. Approach them and renew your life.

Control Your Life-Style, Control Your Hair Loss

Hair loss being a tricky area, the factors leading to them is numerous. Though not all, but avoiding some can obviously keep the problem at bay. Have a diet enriched in B3, B5, B9 and E. Sleep for 7 to 6 hours. Drink at least one glass of water every hour, and see the visible results.

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