These Ancient Hair Loss Remedies Are Gross. Thank God, we have Hair Transplant Now

Warning: Positively, do NOT try these treatment procedures at home.

Hair loss has been annoying people since time immemorial! Did you mistake it to be a present-day thing? Hold on, there are records in writing of Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Jews adopting remedies for hair falling out. Interestingly, none of these remedies ever worked. So, more power to our modern-day hair transplant solutions!


Here’s the hair loss blast from the past:

  • Greece:

Greece of long ago was a fulcrum of modern medicine and famed for art and philosophy. There was much of ‘eurekas’ everywhere, don’t you think? But, it would put people in bewilderment as to why the Greeks chose chicken urine as a way of fighting hair fall. Yuck!

Hippocrates of Kos, the most outstanding persona in the history of Greek medicines, was supposedly the harbinger of this inexplicable treatment. Of course, we don’t know what his better half thought of the procedure. Things would have been much simpler, then.

Moreover, who would take the pain to apply chicken urine today? There’s barely any evidence that it works. People would go for a hair transplant surgery instead, because it’s proven to produce permanent results.

  • Rome:

Did you know Julius Caesar was a victim of hair loss? But, he was clever enough to keep his bald crown hidden by combing over. History has it that Caesar used to comb his hair straight from the back and bring it forward. This, he used to adorn with a laurel wreath. Don’t his pictures make more sense now? Wonder if Cleopatra ever found out!

However, hair loss had vexed him by large. The physicians of Rome were suggesting all sorts of treatments for the same. Some of them even claimed that chicken dung can cure hair loss if regularly smeared over the bald patches. Chicken? Again? Why?

The Roman doctors of yore claimed that chicken dung contains substances that have healing powers. These substances can result in the natural regrowth of hair. You’d be happy to know that chicken dung contains no such thing that’s good for human hair. Either the physicians were not knowledgeable, or this was a deliberate attempt to make a fool out of people, especially, of Caesar. Slow clap.

  • China:

The Chinese of ancient days were away from the illogical concept of using chicken excreta in any form, whatsoever. Instead, they were more interested in fowl waste. Also, they held the notion that hair loss can be cured using ground genitalia of animals. Ugh!

They used to grind the testicles of different animals into a fine paste, add herbs to it, and rub it onto bald scalps. Although these attempts never showed any positive results, they sure suggest that the Chinese were close to the fact that hair loss has a lot to do with hormones. Only, these are human hormones. Nice try, China.

Don’t you feel lucky that there’s hair transplant now?

hair goes

Science has come of age (thank God it did). We now have medicines and treatment procedures that are clinically proven and licensed. We can now grow natural hair with little effort and let it remain as our crowning glory for long.

Medicines like Minoxidil and Finasteride are a huge blessing. Procedures like FUT and FUE hair transplant are working wonders! Man is now aware of the many types of hair loss so that he can have the right kind of treatment accordingly.

The best part is chicken’s just food and poultry for us. Yes, we wouldn’t hesitate to sweep away the poo and pee. But, no way are we likely to apply it on our scalps. So, let the past bury its dead for good. Peace.

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