10 Reasons Why Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant Is On the Rise

Are you suffering from acute scarcity if self-confidence due to dull hair or baldness? Or having trouble with hair loss? No matter what your hair problem is, bid adieu to your hair problems with admiring hair transplant therapies. There are various kinds of hair transplant therapies popular in these days, but most popular and admired is beard to scalp hair transplant.

Though there is much controversies over this topic, still experts say beard to scalp hair transplant has become an easy and most admired way of treating baldness and other hair problems in head. It is a perfect option to treat male pattern baldness and hair loss. New strategies and new inventions regarding how to use the facial hair in treating scalp hair problems has come up with great results. According to Dr. Mohebi, a renowned hair transplant specialist, beard to scalp hair transplant provides maximum scope to use hair from the donor area and it proves to be a successful decision for the doctors also. But there are few men who do not have sufficient beard hair to fulfill the need. In those cases, doctors opt for other places of the body to take as the donor area.

hair transplant in kolkata from beard

Why Beard To Scalp Hair Transplant Is On The Demand In These Days?

1. Improved understanding of hair transplant surgeries has made doctors opt for huge proceedings with these patients. Doctors are getting more and more familiar with new inventions in the science regarding hair grafting. Better understanding of the hair follicles and grafts shifting has made the task simple for both doctor and patient.

2. The techniques for extracting the micro hair follicular units have advanced allowing doctors to improve the extraction methods from various body parts. Especially in the case of beards, it is easy to extract the micro follicular for the experts.

3. In the last few days, there is a huge change taken place in the tactics of FUE devices. It is less demanding to harvest hair particles from different body parts. Comparing with different hairs from various body parts with the facial hair, it is now proven that beard hair is more like the scalp hair. Its genre matches best with the scalp hair.

4. As the surgery is getting popular day by day, the hair transplant cost in Kolkata is lessened at a huge rate. Which means you can easily opt for this process without worrying much about your pocket.

5. Beard hair has a life cycle, almost similar to scalp hair. The shaft thickness of the beard hair is almost alike to scalp hair. Patients who are opting for these hair transplant, do not have to opt get tensed about the length and growth of their transplanted hairs.

6. As the result is proven, the bear to scalp hair transplant is on the rise and researchers are working hard to bring out new strategies to straighten this proves.  That is why advanced apparatus is available for this hair transplant surgery.

7. If you can contact with a proficient and reliable doctor for your transplant job, then you can surely get no scar after this operation. Expert doctors carefully conduct the harvest process from the beard area doing no damage to the skin.

8. A deeper placing of the punches used by elder methods led to low-level trans-sections of beard hair follicles. Undesirable complications may occur in the beard transplant process, but it can be less dangerous for your health as it will deal only with the beard hair and the adjacent area.

9. Beard hair is an extraordinary source for hair transplant and easy to conduct for the doctors. Smaller punch sizes have lessened the risks in this proves.

10. According to doctors, though beard hair is tougher than typical scalp hair, the durable graft survival rate of beard hair is lofty enough to make it an important resource.

Beard hair use is appropriate for those whose head donor source is less, either due to superior male pattern baldness or past botched surgeries. Beard hair is an admirable secondary patron source for hair transplant in Kolkata on relentlessly bald patients.

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