Points to Know Before Preparing for Hair Transplant?

If you have come to the point where you are frustrated trying out various kind of hair growth products, but none of them actually worked for you. Don’t worry, you still have a way-out! Hair transplant is the only permanent solution to treat hair loss problems or baldness. The incredible benefit of hair transplant is that it gives natural looking hair and bears no side effects. However, there are certain things to consider while planning out the hair transplantation surgery.

Consultation with the Surgeon

During the initial consultation, the doctor will advise you on “what to do” and “what not to do” before the surgery. The doctor will give you information about the surgical procedure. It is highly recommended that you follow all the instructions of your doctor to get an effective result.

Prior to 2 weeks of the surgery, the doctor will give you a proper advice and inspect your health to make sure that everything goes well during the surgery. The doctor does this to ensure that you get a clear idea about the procedure and what to expect so that you can make an informed decision.

Make Sure to Clarify all Your Doubts

It is very important to ask all your uncertainties, so that you are well aware of everything. Whatever questions you have in your mind, such as, “How much time will it take for surgery to complete? Are there any side-effects? When can I join my work? How much money is required? Are the results natural? “

hair transplant in kolkata

‘Dada’ or ‘prince of Kolkata’ Sourav Ganguly hair transplant.

Disclaimer: We don’t claim the responsibility of hair transplant of Sourav ganguly

Follow the Instructions

The doctor will give you complete instructions about the changes you need to make in your lifestyle before the surgery. You will be asked to avoid smoking and drinking as it can cause problems with anesthesia. It may also have complications with the medicines you need to take following the surgery. This is the main reason why you need to quit smoking and drinking before the hair transplant surgery. The doctor will also guide you through every step of the procedure and allow you to take a stroll around the clinic so that you get comfortable at the time of surgery.

Furthermore, the doctor will give you enough time to talk about the anesthesia. The main reason why you are given anesthesia is to keep you away from pain and to keep you relaxed and calm all throughout the procedure.


It is very important to follow all your doctor’s guidelines and advice. For a successful hair transplant in Kolkata, take all the advice seriously so that you get best results.

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NOTE: We have not done the hair transplant of the celebrity, this is just a case story


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