Newest Hair Loss Treatment Using Stem Cells


Introducing the Issue

Hair loss is one of the common problems faced by almost 50% of the total population. There are several hair products available in the market today, but none of them actually works. The only proven solution to get back your lustrous hair is the advanced hair transplantation surgery, but if you don’t want to undergo the surgery, you can also opt for high-tech stem cells therapy. Though, one can certainly live a healthy life even without hair, but it deeply affects one’s self-confidence. Today, I am going to introduce the most upgraded form of hair loss treatment that is through the medium of stem cells technology.

Normal Hair Fall

It is normal to lose 80 to 100 strands of hair daily. But, if you lose bundles of hair every day then, you should immediately consult a dermatologist.

stem cell therapy


Hair Loss Treatment through Stem Cells

For the first time, the experts are able to use stem cells to create cells that help to grow new hair. “We have developed a method using human pluripotent stem cells to create new cells capable of initiating human hair growth. The method is a marked improvement over current methods that rely in transplanting existing hair follicles from one part of the hair to another,” said Alexey Terskikh, Ph.D., associate professor in the Development, Aging and Regeneration Program at Sanford Burnham.

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The researchers are finally able to generate new human hair in mice that can certainly help people suffering from baldness. This advanced technique which is developed in Sanford- Burnham Medical Research Institute in California, noticed that human stem cells can grow new tresses. These cells were tested in mice and quite amazingly, the mice started to generate new human hair.
The success of human stem cell hair regeneration can benefit 50 million men and 30 million women who have experienced severe hair loss in the United States alone. This procedure will certainly help large number of people who has become the victim of baldheadedness.

How the researcher produced stem cells?

The hair follicles have stem cells, and according to the researches it has been found out that these stem cells are very effective in treating baldness. This treatment works by triggering the active stem cells on the scalp. Doctors have stated that stem cells treatment works wonders for people suffering from baldness.

The scientists transformed the human cells into pluripotent stem cells by toting up three genes. These stem cells have the capacity to transform into any kind of cells in the body, which is why; they converted the stem cells into epithelial stem cells, which are found in human hair follicles. By the medium of advanced technology with the assistance of various teams to change pluripotent stem cells into keratinocytes, which is the main cell in the uppermost layer of the skin.

How is the stem cell therapy done?

It is an outpatient procedure. The patient’s own fat known as autologous stem cells are used for this therapy. It is very easy and safe procedure. Before the therapy, the patient will be given local anesthesia. The patients need to undergo a minor procedure where fat cells are carefully extracted from the hip or abdomen region. The fat cells are then processed in a specific device that splits the stem cells from the fat cells. These stem cells are then infused in the balding region.

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