Reasons Why You Are Experiencing Hair Loss

hair loss problem

It’s right that men are more prone to hair loss than women, mainly because of male pattern baldness. But even women can experience thinning of hair and hair loss due to end number of factors. The problem may be temporary or permanent depending upon the type of hair loss.

Here are some common reasons why you are losing your crowning glory.


Emotional or Physical Stress

If you are dealing with any type of stress- physical or emotional can be the primary reason of hair loss. This activates a different kind of hair fall which is known as telogen effluvium. However, the hair loss that is caused by psychological stress is temporary. The hair will start to grow on its own after five to six months.

proper diet


Every woman wants to look good and have a nice figure. But, some of them adopt crash diet to lose weight in a short amount of time which can cause severe health problems. When your body doesn’t get sufficient vitamins, irons, proteins and other important nutrients which your body needs- it causes hair loss. Thus, it is very important to follow a healthy lifestyle. If you wish to lose your weight, consult a dietician and exercise at least 3-4 times a week.

damaged hair due to styling tools

Hair Styling Tools

Many women get tempted to get their hair straightened or curled using all forms of heating tools and later on they are left with damaged, lifeless hair. Though these stylish tools help you get the desired look, but on a long run, it makes your hair brittle and lusterless. Frequent use of hair styling tools such as flat irons, blow dryers and curlers will cause hair breakage and thinning of hair. Keep in mind; never ever use these appliances on wet hair.


It is natural for women to experience hair fall after the delivery of the child. During the pregnancy period, the hair is in a resting phase which is why you lose very less hair daily. But right after the childbirth, the shedding phase starts which causes excess hair loss. You may even lose more than 500 strands of hair per day. This can make you troubled and alarmed, but don’t worry- the problem will get solved after certain period of time. Try to maintain a healthy diet by including wholesome foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

There are several things that can help you to reduce hair fall after childbirth:

1. Never brush your hair when its wet
2. Buy shampoos that has silica or biotic
3. Avoid complicated hairstyles such as braids and cornrows
4. Consume foods that are rich in vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E and Zinc

What are the treatments available to fight hair loss?

Caroline, who had experienced hair loss, suggests exploring everything about thinning hair and the treatment that is suitable for your type of hair loss. Losing a hair in a young age can turn out to be a disastrous experience, particularly for women. Apart from all the home remedy, it is highly recommended to visit a dermatologist to find out the main reason behind excess hair fall. Some women have received a positive result using minoxidil hair lotion to stop hair fall and promote hair growth. Before using any form of medicines, it is always better to take advice from dermatologist.

In conclusion, don’t worry if you are dealing with excess hair loss instead look out for a solution that helps to promote hair growth. To know more information on female hair loss Must Read: 10 Tips on How to Grow Your Hair Naturally

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