Facts About Female Hair Loss : Causes and Cure

Female Hair Loss2

Short, curly, bouncy or long, for almost every women hair is not only a bundle of fiber but also much more than that. Hair is an expression of style and it comes as a form of your personality, it somehow, defines your individuality and your outlook from other people’s viewpoint. Researches revel that self-image and hair are both interrelated to each other.

Being women we understand what a ‘bad hair day’ makes us feel like and one who is undergoing hair loss must be feeling distressed every morning looking into the mirror. There can be no worst a feeling than brushing your hair and watching strands of hair intertwined on the brush. This is petrifying for every woman and you must not take these signs lightly as they may be signals of serious illness!

It’s time to get closer towards understanding your hair

Reasons for Hair Loss

stress of baldness

Have you ever wondered why hair loss today is getting over the top common? Why are women in their early 20s, 30s, and 40s experiencing drastic hair loss problems? Well, there are quite a number of reasons or potential causes related to hair loss dilemma. Sadly, several women are not being able to stop hair loss problem, but at least you can try reversing it.


Regrettably, we have to accept this fact; hair loss normally comes with ageing. As you approach towards 40s, hair growth ends to slow down. You end up losing older hair but new ones are not replaced as quickly as they would during your early 20s and 30s. This age related hair loss is a common issue amongst several women and sadly, you cannot avoid it.


Androgens related hair loss issue is quite common in female and it was reported in Clinical Dermatology journal that it ends up affecting nearly 30% of women way before they reach the age of 50. This phenomenon is also related to as the “female pattern hair loss”. There are wide arrays of reasons, why a woman may get affected with androgen-related hair loss. Diabetes, excess androgens, polycystic ovarian syndrome, genetics, insulin resistance and low antioxidant status may all be reasons behind this female pattern hair loss.

Drug-Induced Hair Loss

There is a long list of pharmaceutical drugs, which may end up causing hair loss issue in women. They are:

  • Endocrine drugs
  • Gout medicationsdrug induced hair loss
  • Anticoagulants (Coumadin, heparin)
  • Regular dosage of Antibiotics
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Antidepressants
  • Cardiovascular drugs (Beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors)
  • Lipid-lowering drugs
  • Ulcer medications
  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Antiepileptics
  • If possible, you must go for possible alternatives to these drugs, to avoid hair loss issue.

Nutritional Deficiencies and Crash diet

If there is a deficiency of vital nutrients in your system, it may automatically lead towards hair loss issue. There are few common signs you could look out at home and understand your nutritional deficiency scale.

Zinc – when white lines appear on nail this indicates that you are running low on zinc level.

Vitamin A – when you feel bumps at the back of the arm.

Important Fatty Acids – if you visualize dry skin on elbows or some parts of your body, then this clearly indicates that you are low on essential fatty acid level, which is critical for the system.

Also included is Iron on the list and you can get to understand its level by undergoing a simple blood test. You can get it corrected through iron supplements.


Women who undergo hypothyroidism do notice hair loss as one of the initial features. Around 20% of adults do have hypothyroidism issue and thus it can be determined and checked on time through a simple blood test.

Types of hair loss

androgenic alopecia

·  Androgenetic Alopecia

Many women with androgenetic undergo diffuse thinning of hair in almost every areas of the scalp. Men rarely undergo this kind of hair loss, but it is quite common in female.

In Androgenic alopecia in women happens due to the action of action of androgens, which is basically a male hormone, present in a very small quantity. This can happen due to a flotilla of factors like in taking regularly high level of androgen index birth control pills, menopause, pregnancy issues and ovarian cysts.

Science of Hair Loss

·  Telogen Effluvium

When a female body undergoes few traumatic changes like a major surgery, childbirth, extreme stress, malnutrition or a several infection it can end up affecting your hair. Your hair loss can vary from six weeks and even extend to almost three months. This particular shedding phenomenon of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. You might notice, handful of hair coming out at one point of time.

·  Anagen Effluvium

Anagen effluvium is quite commonly linked to chemotherapy. Since the process of chemotherapy chiefly targets the cancer cells and other swiftly dividing cells lie the hair follicles they tend to get quite hugely affected. When the process of chemotherapy starts, nearly 90% or even more hair can fall.

Anagen effluvium is denoted when you notice fracture of the hair shafts. Thus as a result of this, the entire hair matrix gets damaged. Ultimately, the shaft fractures and hair start commences in excess percentage.

·  Traction Alopecia

This condition tends to take place when women go for tight hairstyles and this cause’s localized trauma to the hair follicles. If you are lucky to detect this condition at an early stage, your hair will re-grow and get to its normal stage. Hence you must ensure that you do not go for tight ponytails, braiding, cornrows and yes hair extensions which is in vogue today is a very common cause of traction alopecia.


Treatment of Hair Loss in Women

You have to understand that treatment of female hair loss can only be completely taken care of if the underlying hair loss cause is taken care of.

  • Treatment related to Androgen-Related Hair Loss

Try to progress with blood glucose regulation: start taking blood glucose normalizing supplements, settle for low glycemic index diet, and carry on with timely and regular exercise regime.

  • Hair Transplant Solution: Hair Transplant is an easy solution as well as effectual thinning hair remedy today. Thinning of hair or baldness does cause a serious threat to our overall personality and to curb this issue you can go for technologically oriented Hair Transplant surgery, which involves the removal of a narrow strip of hair bearing scalp from the back area of your head. It is then used to fill in the area, which has no hair. It is a safe operation and the procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. Hence, you do not have to be overruled with phobias or fads thinking about the surgery. You can consult a specialist regarding your hair fall problem and get the proper treatment to have healthy hair.

foods to prevent hair loss

  • Increase the intake of antioxidant: Make sure you take ample amount of vitamin C, green tea, vitamin E and selenium.
  • Also, ensure you increase the intake of fish oil and flaxseed, as they are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Regularly take high-potency multivitamin and iron related supplements. Also regular exercise helps to keep your system healthy and regular blood circulation helps contribute towards hair growth.
  • Nutritional deficiency is one of the greatest of problems causing hair loss today. This is why it is highly necessary for you to take care of your diet and follow a healthy one. With nutritious diet comes healthy hair growth as your blood stream is fed with healthy nutrients. Taking small amounts of sprouts can be quite useful together with fresh fruits, whole grains, leafy green vegetables and curd.
  • Ensure that you get a checkup done for hydrochloric acid levels, which will help you, understand whether the nutrients from food are being properly absorbed by your system or not. Ask your doctor to prescribe alternative medicated or herbal shampoos which are effective hair loss solutions.

Adjusting with a problem like permanent hair loss can be quite a challenge for any woman. If you are observing thin areas then you could opt for a weave, cover your hair with a scarf and start with the required tests and medications as soon as you can. If hair loss starts to intervene with your social life or job, it can turn out being a quite a blow to your image, hence take necessary steps as and when you start noticing the issue.

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