Is Hair Transplant Safe?

“Is it safe and does it really work?”

The answer to this question can be best given by these people:

  1. Patients who have actually undergone hair transplant
  2. People who know the patient
  3. The doctor or the hair surgeon who has operated the patient

So, if you can find these people, then you are bound to get a clear idea and information on hair transplant.



However, before you move out in search of these people, wait a second. You also need to have some information about hair transplant and its safety. This is important for two reasons:

  1. When you talk to the people, the doctor and the patient in particular, you also need to contribute in the discussion. If they keep on speaking and pointing out new terms, then you will absolutely be lost. You won’t have anything to say or reciprocate. It would seem that the individuals are talking to a wall, as there will be no response from your end. Therefore, even if they have tried their best to clarify things to you and make you understand all the facts, you will not be able to grasp them properly. There are frequently asked questions in every process. If you do not counter question the person, then the discussion will not be fruitful. So, in simpler words, it is very important to know about the hair transplant process.
  2. Another crucial reason why knowledge is power is that nobody can fool you.  Supposedly, you get a reference from a person about a doctor, basically a hair transplant surgeon. The reference might not be a sound one. The doctor might not be genuine or may have a motive to fool you and squander money from you. In that case, you cannot afford to get carried away. Therefore, you will have to be on your toes and save yourself. In such situations, having the correct facts and figures is imperative.

Well, here is a list of what are the perspectives of different people who are considering a hair transplant surgery and how are doctors combating them.

hair transplant make you younger

hair transplant make you younger

  1. People think that there are side effects of hair transplant surgery. They are afraid that if they undergo the surgery, then whatever little hair they have, that will also fall out.

Doctor’s Answer: Hair transplants are safe and the side effects are very less and normal. Whatever process you undergo, whether it is a FUT or FUE, whenever the effect of anesthesia fades, you will automatically feel numbness, inflammation, pain and discomfort. This is a temporary condition and hair will start growing within 3-6 months. You need a good doctor, a super-specialty clinic and a great supporting staff.

Hair Transplant

  1. Every lay man who is not having any kind of surgical experience is scared of hair transplant. They wonder is it actually possible for hair to grow back normally after undergoing hair transplant!

Doctor’s Answer: This is not a miracle but a proven fact that hair does grow back and it is absolutely natural. Well, you won’t be seeing the results immediately. It is just the transplanted hair that will be there and slowly the hair will shed off. Hold on! This is natural and a part of the entire therapy. This is called “Shock Loss”. Unless and until the transplanted hair is shed off, new hair cannot grow. It takes 9 to 12 months for the hair to grow to a normal length. When the actual results come, you can do nothing but appreciate the decision of hair transplant.

  1. The price of this surgery also haunts people and they keep thinking about the post operative care, the time period of the surgery, whether it will work for them. Overall, the safety quotient is questioned again and again.

Doctor’s Answer: An empathetic surgeon does not have any scruples to make you understand again and again what hair transplant is all about. Do not test his patience though! Jokes apart; When you make your mind to have this surgery, you need to have a thorough heart to heart discussion with the concerned surgeon and spill all your worries. It might be regarding the transplant or the effects it might have on your health.

hair transplant healin process


Every doctor gives you a detailed picture of what the medical procedure includes, how to proceed, and the cost you need to pay and so on. When this stage is clear, the next step is to do an initial scalp test. This test will give the doctor an idea about the following:

  1. Whether your scalp condition and hair loss scenario makes you eligible for hair transplant
  2. Whether the condition of your health is stable to take up the surgery, anesthesia and the post operative medicines
  3. Which process that is FUT or FUE is suitable for your scalp and other criteria.

Likewise, the right doctor decides whether you can opt for transplant surgery or not. If the answer is “yes”, then the following methods are already known to you as per the explanation given to you by the doctor.

Hair Transplant Trends June

Hair Transplant Trends June

In this regard, it can therefore be concluded that a number of people have undertaken hair transplant and there have been almost 0 cases of failure. If you check the statistics of India and various countries, you will find the number of people who have shown trust in hair transplant treatment.

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