How Hair Gels can be a Cause of your Hair Loss

Ever wondered if the gels that you use to get your looks enhanced can negatively effect your hairs. Find out the reasons why its is not advised to apply Hair gels

Hair gel

Hair Gels That Makes You Look Cool May Have Some Adverse Affects Too

To flaunt a stylish and happening look we often use hair gels and use it quite regularly. Using styling gels on a daily basis can give you a chick look but can cause harm to your hair at some point of time.  Hair gels are chemical products available in various types like, strong or medium hold gels, organic and coloring effect providing hair gels. Applying hair gel forms a thin layer on the scalp, that if not removed can cause hair loss and can reduce hair growth too. For avoiding the negative effect of hair gel, washing off your hair every day before going to bed is effective. Still prolonged use may cause you some hair concerns. It is better not relying upon the hair gels that have high alcohol contains, as it can reduce the scalp moisture and make it dry to cause hair loss. And also cheap gels are harmful as that can cause flecking of scalp drying of hair.

hair loss

Know the reason why?

Tresses grow in various stages and each hair shaft individually grows for a time span, approximately for a year or so. Then they go into a resting period of one to two weeks before they fall off the scalp. These are naturally replaced by new hair strands and this is the reason you need to keep your scalp clean. Keeping the pores of the scalp blocked can stop the growth of new hair, indirectly that leads to reduced hair volume.

We can often see that people with thin hair, or receding hairline or people with no hair have shiny or scalp. The shine is due to the layer of naturally secreted oil from the skin is sebum. Sebum and the dead skin combine to form a layer on the scalp. Not only that, it also combines with other pollutants like hair gel and the remains of cosmetic hair styling products.  Gradually the oil buildup hardens reaches into the scalp making the general process of shampooing ineffective to remove it. These build up gradually fill the pores completely and makes the growth of hair impossible leading to baldness.

Normally using hair gel does not cause rapid hair loss, at the same time long time use of it, without proper scalp care can cause pores to clog and this restricts hair growth. It is very important to shampoo the hair before you head for the bed, to prevent blocking of scalp pores.


Ways to Deal with This Problem

Simple way is to first check out in bright light that, whether your scalp is very shiny or not? If you get the answer yes, then there are fair chances of sebum build up on your scalp and that is forming the shiny layer. This embedded layer is also called Epidermis plaque.

In most of the cases it becomes very difficult to remove the plaque by using the common shampoos in the process we normally do.

This problem of Epidermis plaque can be successfully eradicated by applying salicylic acid. Do not be scared, it is a mild acid that if applied on the scalp easily eradicates the embedded plaque gently.  It is commonly used for skin exfoliation and making the skin look rejuvenated and young. It is absolutely fine to use such a mild acid, as the roots of the hair follicle is rooted much inside so there is no fear of hair loss in any way. Salicylic acid is easily available for buying and also can be found online as it is known skin exfoliating product.

hair gels

Learn the process to apply it

First and foremost, get your skin tested whether it is allergic to use of this acid or not. That is by applying the mild acid on your skin in very little amount, keep it for some time, there will be very less stinging that is not painful then wash off. Check out for any adverse reaction on that particular area for a week and if there is none, then you can easily go for it.

Before applying salicylic acid, shampoo your hair clean and dry it, then apply coconut oil and the message it well. After half an hour of massaging the coconut oil, drop small drops of salicylic acid on the scalp as gradually it spreads.  Keep it for a minute and then rinse off with lukewarm water and get a clean sebum layer build up free scalp.

The End Solution

You can avoid gels and use Hair Wax which are little costly than gels, but it does not causes hair loss. The cost of wax may be little higher than gels but it’s better to avoid a situation where you become bald and then look out for solutions and surgeries like Hair Transplant.

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