Hair Transplant

Is Hair Transplant Safe?

“Is it safe and does it really work?” The answer to this question can be best given by these people: Patients who have actually undergone hair transplant People who know the patient The doctor or the hair surgeon who has operated the patient So, if you can find these people, then you are bound to…

hair gels

How Hair Gels can be a Cause of your Hair Loss

Ever wondered if the gels that you use to get your looks enhanced can negatively effect your hairs. Find out the reasons why its is not advised to apply Hair gels Hair Gels That Makes You Look Cool May Have Some Adverse Affects Too To flaunt a stylish and happening look we often use hair…


Hair Loss – Men Vs Women

To become Worry- Free and Look Younger you should opt for Hair Transplant Surgery which will regrow the hairs on your head and you will never be BALD again…For more information you can visit the clinic of Top Hair Transplant Surgeon of Kolkata and get a free consultation NOW. For More Information :- Contact_US