Looking for Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

Although Kolkata unquestionably is the city of joy, the pace it has picked up in the recent years to lead in the corporate world has left a lot of working professionals in a pool of stress. Probably, this is a big reason why a major percentage of the working class is now suffering from premature baldness. Of course, it’s not only stress but there are various reasons that are making people lose hair faster with the passage of time. But the question here is something else. Is Kolkata a better place for hair transplantation?

hair transplant benefits


Growth of Hair Transplant In Kolkata

A huge number of people today have been misled by the fact that Kolkata lacks hair experts as well as hair transplant clinics. However, reality says that the city of joy has geared up in executing world-class hair treatments in the recent years. As a result, the number of hair loss victims hailing from various corners of the globe for hair transplant treatments in Kolkata is rising. The story was altogether different a decade ago when hair transplantation in Kolkata was usually performed by doctors coming from foreign countries

Today, a good number of hair clinics in Kolkata have adopted modern hair restoration techniques that are consequently preventing people from burning holes in their pockets. Apart from hair clinics, a lot of hospitals have endorsed ultra-modern hair transplant technologies that have lowered the cost of hair transplant to a good extent.

In regard to the cost of hair transplantation in Kolkata, a few factors count importance:

  • Extent of baldness
  • Nature of baldness
  • Required number of grafts

There are a lot of hair clinics in Kolkata that take extreme care of these factors and accordingly, they offer price estimations. As a result, the costs remain within one’s means. Moreover, the majority of hair clinics in Kolkata are now equipped with trained surgeons who assure quality results in the end. They possess extensive knowledge and supreme confidence to determine the right number of grafts required by the patient. So, what these hair transplant centers in Kolkata do is that they cooperate with the patient right from his/her first consultation to the post-surgery follow-up session. In other words, one is assured complete assistance along with value for their money.

Hair Transplant Google Trends

Hair Transplant Google Trends

Amongst a number of industries that are emerging presently, medical tourism has become quite popular. If you stick to western countries to get your hair transplant done, then you might not be able to taste what it is to have hair transplant done at a lower price. Here we bring in Kolkata, which has become a hub spot for medical tourism in the entire south East Asia. There are several reasons for it. Some of them include:

  1. Highly affordable
  2. Great Quality at par with International standards
  3. High price in Western countries
  4. Low living cost of the city
  5. Highly skilled and talented doctors with proven track record and certification
  6. Low fees of doctors and low-cost of clinic
  7. Ease of transportation and lodging
  8. Low cost per graft

Don’t you think, that the above reasons are convincing and tempting enough for an NRI or foreigner to have hair transplant in Kolkata, India? Bet, it is!
All the above reasons have made Kolkata the most popular Indian city for taking up cosmetic surgeries.

Hair transplantation in Kolkata is growing popular

Trends of Hair Transplant In Kolkata

Trends of Hair Transplant In Kolkata

Believe it or not, hair transplantation in Kolkata is popularizing with absolute rapidity. The surgeries conducted here in the hospitals as well as in the clinics have turned out to be extremely efficient and affordable, as mentioned earlier. In fact, Kolkata has undergone such drastic developments in hair treatments in the recent years that people are now cancelling plans to get their surgeries done abroad. Instead, hair transplantation in Kolkata is no more a pricey affair and has become incredibly efficient, simple and cost-effective. Generally the cost starts from Rs.60,000.00 

hair transplant make you younger

Hair transplant makes you younger

Well, many people keep questioning whether undergoing hair transplant surgeries in Kolkata would bring good results in treating bald patches. Well, it can be said that Kolkata is now flooded with hair clinics equipped with the best medical support possible. Hair transplant experts here understand why baldness can be so embarrassing, especially for the working professionals. Therefore, they prefer using follicles from the dense hair part of your scalp to treat the bald patches. Even youngsters and a lot of celebrities keep visiting hair clinics in Kolkata because they are aware of the massive developments the city has displayed in recent years in hair treatment.

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3 thoughts on “Looking for Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

  1. For reasons genetic and physiological, every one need not be blessed with thickly glowing hair. But, human kinds irrespective of their type, status and gender usually have a common aversion towards baldness. Despite the lack luster appeal of baldness, its inevitability in certain cases cannot be overruled. With baldness posing serious threats to your look and personality; technologically oriented process of hair transplantation in Hyderabad can help you let your hair down.
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