9 Hair Loss Problems and 7 Ways to Fight Those Problems Effectively

If you are facing severe hair loss problems due to few of the reasons mentioned underneath, then try the solutions as well meant to fight them. The effective solutions will give a new life to your hair.

We all wish to have beautiful, long and healthy hair. However, hair loss becomes a constant obstacle in the way. The problem of hair loss is quite common and in recent times it has drastically been aggravated. It is not limited to age but affects one and all. Although hair loss does not pain the skin but it definitely pains the eyes and mind. When you see more hair in your comb, you really feel distressed. When such cases get reiterated on a daily basis, then it is normal to become afraid and concerned.

In medical science, hair loss is termed as alopecia. Hair loss also occurs when you oil your hair or shampoo. Beauty experts and even doctors have opined that if you lose 100 strands of hair, then it is quite normal. Let us analyze the reasons of hair loss and how to avoid it.

  1. Poor diet is a very big cause of hair loss.
  2. Predetermined Genetic or Hereditary factors.
  3. Severe Stress is another big reason for hair loss.
  4. Hormonal changes stimulates hair loss big time
  5. Iron deficiency and Thyroid disease
  6. Excessive application of chemicals like dye, color and other styling treatments
  7. Dandruff and itchy scalp
  8. Strong medication
  9. Pollution as well as excessive iron in water

The above are the 9 most important reasons of hair loss. Nonetheless, some of the above problems can be checked, while some need thorough monitoring of health.


  1. Hot oil massage is counted among the best treatments to prevent hair loss. Oiling your hair means nourishing it with all the necessary nutrients that help to keep your hair healthy. Oil is natural and hardly does have any side-effects. It is better to resort to natural remedies rather than opting for the artificial ones. Coconut, Castor, Jojoba, Almond, Sesame are very effective for hair growth. Remember, blood circulation is very vital.
  2. Choose your shampoo carefully. Most shampoos available in the market are surfactant based. You need to use shampoos which are paraben, sulphate and surfactant free. Harsh chemicals often damage hair follicles and cause hair loss. Try to switch to organic and herbal products.
  3. We have observed that dandruff and itchy skin can be one reason for causing hair fall. To avoid these kinds of problems, you need to wash your hair thrice a week. You can use a gentle shampoo to wash away the dust, dirt and bacterial build up. Use a mild conditioner post shampoo. You can also use a hair serum to keep your hair smooth and soft.


  4. Keep away from excessive chemical usage or cosmetic treatments like blow dry, hair coloring, hair straightening or ironing and so on.
  5. Eat Healthy. A diet full of protein and vitamin can keep your health problems and hair loss issues at bay. Have a diet full of the necessary vitamins like A, B, C and E. Iron rich foods are very good for hair growth. Green vegetables, carrot, whole grains, fruits and fish are very good for your overall health. To detoxify your body, have plenty of water. You can also use natural home remedies like onion juice or Aloe Vera gel on the scalp of your hair. Egg yolk (the white portion) and curd are very effective ingredients for beautiful, smooth and shiny hair.  Vitamin E capsules can be consumed to stop hair fall.
  6. For Women, it is suggested that you use a comb that is wide-toothed. The wide-tooth not only helps to detangle, but also doesn’t let the hair to break.  Avoid combing your hair when it is wet.  Wet hair breaks easily from the roots. Also, you must not use your towel vigorously on hair. It can also cause unwanted breakage of hair.
  7. Genetic or Hereditary or hormonal imbalances are difficult to avoid. In this aspect, you need to lessen the level of your stress so as to try not to lose hair.

The above are some of the best remedial measures that you can take to prevent hair loss. You can also research on medical surgeries like hair transplant to get new hair.

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