4 Unbeatable Procedures to End the Perpetual War with Hair Loss

Restore Your Normal Hair Growth with the Hair Transplant

What happens during a hair  transplant procedure?

An introductory guide to what Hair Transplant Surgery is and how to succeed at it.

Just like an ornament is used to adorn – in a similar way, hair is one ornament that is bestowed upon us by the almighty. Every individual is possessive about the ornament they own and hair is not an exception. Just imagine, when this hair starts falling or recedes, how a person feels. People who are on the verge of becoming bald, their world of self-esteem must have almost crashed. The hue and cry of hair fall, loss and baldness has reached all the corners of the globe. As a result, many clinical centers have come up with a permanent solution to fight these problems. Hair Transplant is one important surgery among all and it has been reported to bring about positive results.

The method of transplantation of hair runs somewhat like this. The surgeon removes strips of hair from that part of the scalp that has hair. After having dissecting and thoroughly examining each hair, they are the bald portion of your scalp. Whenever you think of going for this surgery, your foremost need is to find an able surgeon who has a record of at least 40-50 successful surgeries. This is important because, the doctor can examine the probability of how much effective the surgery will be in contrast to your hair quality. Let us take a look at a few methods that can be your refuge from hair loss:

hair transplant surgery

  1. Hair Transplants that Leave No Scar – also known as FUE. It is expensive than the strip method and assures 80% hair growth.

Average Cost – Each graft costs approximately $7 and people usually opt for 1600-2000 grafts.

  1. Cell Therapy – In this method, proteins with growth factor is added to the scalp. Consequently, blood flow increases and the dormant hairs start growing and hair loss is further prevented.

Average Cost – Approximately $1200

  1. Laser Therapy – The Laser light produces the synthesis of proteins and this helps in hair regeneration.

Average Cost – Approximate cost of a yearly package $1900

  1. Intake of Propecia – Propecia drugs do prevent loss of hair; however, it has its share of risks.

Average Cost – Approximately $185

The above methods have its individual pros and cons. You should check with your doctor and then decide on the type of surgery you want to undertake.

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