Say Goodbye To Male Pattern Baldness

For most of the people, baldness is a nightmare. Medically referred to as alopecia, baldness is an atypical situation where the number of hair that sheds from the scalp is far greater than the number of hair that grows on your head. For a normal human being, there’s a standard loss of 70-100 strands from the head every day. In case of men, baldness means gradual hair loss that ultimately results in a complete bald look. For women, this issue is less severe since it causes mere thinning and not complete baldness.

Male Pattern Baldness And Its Effects

Say Goodbye To Male Pattern Baldness With Effective Hair Transplant Treatments

Androgenic alopecia (also known as androgenetic alopecia, alopecia androgenetica, male pattern baldness) is hair loss that occurs due to an underlying susceptibility of hair follicles to androgenic miniaturization. By US-Gov [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In spite of the fact that male pattern baldness is pretty common, the fact remains that it’s an extremely challenging situation to deal with. Since hair is your crowning glory, its loss causes depression, lowered self-confidence, social embarrassment and estranged personal relationships. In a nutshell, male pattern baldness has its effect on almost every aspect of life.

The Psychological Impact

Any casual onlooker would find baldness to be absolutely normal, and that men can easily accept this and live with it. Hair loss is generally upsetting and causes all types of emotional havoc. The common outcomes include shame, low self-confidence, anxiety, depression and humiliation. Most individuals would take every initiative possible to regain their youthful look. Until they find a suitable solution, they may avoid attending business meetings and social gatherings. They undergo extreme mood swings and experience social phobia. Some even drive themselves to the verge of depression.

The Reason Behind Male Pattern Baldness

This form of baldness among men, popularly known as androgenic alopecia is completely genetic. Males inherit this through the maternal or paternal X chromosomes. Over time, it becomes visible through the inception of the DHT or dihydrotestosterone – a metabolite of testosterone along with the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme. Even though almost everybody has the same amount of DHT in their body, those with poor androgen receptors are exposed to harmful aspects of this hormone.

Treat Male Pattern Baldness With Hair Transplant Treatments

Unlike hair masks and wigs, this is a permanent solution to your hair loss problems. The hair transplant treatment involves transferring an individual’s healthy hair roots to the affected portion of his scalp. The extracted grafts are placed into small needle-sized holes in the recipient section of your head. With follicular unit transplantation, the hair grows naturally and the results are virtually untraceable.

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Male Pattern Baldness is a very complicated and serious issue. For more information about effective male pattern baldness treatments with modern hair transplant surgery please visit us at

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  1. As you mention, the mental and emotional side effects of hair loss are very real. Men and women both run the risk of suffering serious personal, social, and/or professional setbacks.

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