Get Rid Of Baldness With Hair Transplantation

Baldness is no longer stressing with the advent of hair transplantation procedure. This is one of the best options available. With much expertise this treatment is now available in India at a very friendly rate.

Loss of hair is almost a very widespread problem everywhere. The loss of hair is simply unpredictable. Even there is no particular age of this loss. Generally our hair tends to become weaker as we are getting older. But nowadays it is faced by all age groups. The wisest solution of handling this problem is to go for hair transplantation. This is undoubtedly a permanent solution of this problem. According to some specialists the present lifestyle and food habits are the general causes of hair fall. In India hair restoration is gradually achieving good impetus due to its success rates. Because of this hair loss, people tend to feel bashed and cannot intermingle with others. They simply loose their confidence.

Reasons for Kolkata being the best choice for hair transplantation

Hair transplant in Kolkata has reached to its summit of success. This treatment was more or less, first practiced in Kolkata. Some of the main reasons for the overwhelming success in the field of hair restoration here are:

  • Cost effective rate – the prevailing rate of hair restoration is quite cheaper here in Kolkata than rest of the other countries of the world. Hence Kolkata is always chosen to be the best choice of people around the world for this treatment.
  • A bunch of renowned surgeons – the other most vital reason for this excess popularity is the availability of renowned surgeons. Not only this, the doctors are also highly qualified along with foreign degrees.
  • Provision for Medical tourism – the government of India’s implementation of medical tourism scheme has enhanced the flow of foreign customers to various cities of India. Under this provision the approved holders are granted financial aid for treatment in India.

Types of Hair Treatment:

The most common treatments performed here in Kolkata are:  Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Scalp Reduction .The first method is just plantation of hair from donor parts to the affected parts. In the second procedure strands of hair from the back and sides are planted on the affected areas. The last one is new in Kolkata. In this hair-bearing scalps are stretched, removing the affected parts. Hence don’t feel depressed with baldness, Hair Transplant is certainly the solution and in increasing your personality.

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