Consult before getting a hair transplantation surgery

Hair transplantation being a permanent solution to hair loss, it has its own pros and cons. Have a consultation with your doctor prior to having a hair transplantation treatment in India.

Hair loss is a common occurrence these days and everybody is worried about it. Keep in mind that it is normal to lose 50 to 100 hair strands daily but they must show re-growth. All of them are trying to find out new ways and procedures to get rid of hair fall and balding. But which is the best solution? There are medications both herbal and non herbal but when all medications fail, it is time to get a hair transplantation treatment.

Hair transplantation-a permanent solution

You can get a full head of hair if you opt for this surgery and it is a permanent solution. Yes, the hair will follow its normal course so you can get haircuts and style the shafts. After you have suffered hair transplantation, the hair follicles fall out as they enter the Telogen phase and they again show re-growth when they enter the Anagen phase. Do not remain under the misconception that hair transplantation gives you more hair, the hair is only relocated.

Know the drawbacks of hair transplantation

There are few side effects of hair transplantation so you need to decide and go for a consultation to a renowned hair clinic that offers best hair transplantation in India. Shock loss or shedding is a process where people experience hair thinning but that can affect transplanted hair as well. Hair transplantation can cause after effects like scarring, swelling, bleeding and even infection. You shall be allowed to undergo transplantation only after you have consulted your doctor and he feels the necessity of the surgery.

Did you even take the cost into consideration? This surgery is expensive so a tight budget will not help in this case. If you need to get the treatment get in touch with a good clinic that offers cheap hair transplant in India.

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